A case of vacation brain.

Yup, it’s happened, my brain has decided to stick in vacation mode for a bit longer. I don’t blame it, that’s for sure. Why wouldn’t it want to remain there for another day or two? And yet, I can’t help but wish that my brain would be a bit more cooperative today. Just what is one to do in a situation like this? Well, there is likely to be a number of solutions to the problem however I am yet to find the one that will work for me.

Perhaps I should blame the weather, as often when the weather is on the stormy side a lot of people find it hard to become motivated to do things. Today is no exception to that. Thick fog has enveloped our town and it certainly puts a damper on doing things. A quick glance out of the window confirms it’s still here, so much for it dissipating in the late morning. It also doesn’t help that with this fog the house is quite dark, forcing me to turn on a light to clearly see my keyboard. I shouldn’t blame the weather though, I’ve done plenty of good writing in the past on foggy or stormy days. And so I am not going to blame the fog for my lack of writing today.

Certainly if anything it is trying to get back into the swing of things after two weeks of vacation. Being in a different time zone mixed with not sticking to the normal routine due to activities has clearly got me a bit out of whack. A day and a half spent unpacking the vehicle and then putting everything back in it’s place left me somewhat drained when we misplaced a few important items. They have been located since. Now it’s all a matter of falling into routine once more, something I hope I can accomplish starting tomorrow. Today however, I will allow my brain one last day of rest and relaxation before hitting the grind stone once more.

2 thoughts on “A case of vacation brain.

  1. I feel your pain- For me it is either one extreem or the other. I come back from a break and I crank out tons of stuff because of all the ideas I have come up with, or… Im stuck in a major brain freeze state. Hang in there. Watch some good movies, listen to music you love, and read one of your favorite/inspirational authors- thats usualy what helps me jump start my brain again! Good luck!

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