Revival of writing.

Great news! After yesterday’s post about having my brain still on vacation mode I managed to find a solution to the problem. So here I was sitting at my computer browsing some blogs and stumbled across a post regarding Camp NaNoWriMo. Needless to say I was instantly intrigued. My first NaNoWriMo experience was last November. Well no, that’s not entirely true. I first came across the website back in November of 2009. But there was a problem, it was the last week of November and thus the challenge seemed far too out of reach at that point. So I filed the website away until last October when I officially registered and come November 1st began writing my novel. It was a great experience, and yet when my word count hit fifty thousand I took a break and haven’t touched my novel since. Sad but true I know.

I have found that without a strict deadline and the challenge behind it my writing has pretty much petered off to nothing. This will not do. I love to write, even if I never get any published I will always love to write. I have tried several times since November and while I have done a bit of writing it was been lackluster in general. Even setting a personal goal didn’t have the effect that NaNoWriMo had on my writing and at one point I reached the sad conclusion that I wouldn’t get any major writing done until November again. Certainly not the end of the world but with all the ideas I wish to get working on it was a bit of a setback.

That was until I read about Camp NaNoWriMo.

Instantly I felt this surge of happiness and relief. I can write again! Quickly I hopped on various messenger services and started chatting with several of my writing friends. There was a flurry of excitement as we chatted about the possibilities and quickly signed up for this new challenge. I have still not decided what exactly I will write, however, I have been scanned a notebook that holds most of my ideas in it and have narrowed it down to several choices. Now all I can think about is writing.

Then it occurred to me. There are only ten days until this starts! Yikes! Time to get planning.

Last year I decided to write a novel by the seat of my pants, something I generally avoid as I am a planner type writer. So while I did manage to reach the goal of fifty thousand words in a month there were days, plenty of them, where I struggled to write at all as I had no clue where my novel was going or what to do with it next. Though it was an utter challenge and at some points I had considered giving up I was proud of myself for reaching the goal, and with time to spare I might add. This time however, I am going to plan my novel out. Not entirely of course. There are some things you just can’t account for, like a character turning out differently than planned, a twist in the story line that works better than you original plot line and so one. At the very minimum I want to make character profiles for my main characters, perhaps even a few minor ones, figure out a general time line and write up a little blurb about the story itself. All that in ten days. Panic mode initiated. Panic or not, NaNoWriMo is an excellent way to force yourself to write when all other opportunities have failed. So go on, head over to the website, sign up and see what you can do in August – you might just surprise yourself.

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