Falling behind already.

Gosh has it been nearly a month since I have posted something here? Well don’t I feel terrible. Here I had planned to not neglect this blog however it seems that once again I am going down that road. However I do have at least a few good excuses regarding my absence over the past few weeks. Sure I could have popped on and typed up a quick little update but I didn’t and so I shall wear my shame for all to see and plan to better better at this in the months ahead.

Firstly, and the main reason I have been so absent, is my participation in Camp NaNoWriMo.  It is the same challenge as NaNoWriMo in November however it occurs during the month of August (and July for this year). The reason that this has consumed the largest chunk of my time is because I never picked between two novel ideas. So in order to appeal to my muse who liked both ideas equally, I decided to work on both throughout the month and hope to get at least fifty thousand words between the two of them. Well I have some good news to report. Not only did I achieve this goal but I went well beyond it. For one idea I managed to reach a word count of over fifty thousand and for the second one I am currently sitting at around thirty five thousand and hope to finish it before the month ends. Needless to say writing over eighty thousand words worth of novel in a month takes up a lot of time and left my brain fairly drained in the process. That aside I am proud of myself for going above and beyond in the challenge and I have already begun to plan out the novel I will be writing come November.

The second reason I have no been around is doing a massive, and I mean massive, cleaning of the house. So much stuff has piled up in the years that we have lived her that I finally had enough and went on a cleaning and organizing spree. Several loads were taken to the dumb and several others were donated. The work is not completely done, there is one more room to tackle in the house and then the two sheds need to get done as well however I feel so much better after getting this much done so far. This weekend should wrap up the end of the cleaning and then I can relax a bit.

So as you can see between writing and cleaning I have had little time to myself, especially since life continues on whether you are writing a novel or not, so not only have I been busy with these things but the regular routines of life as well. Next month should be pretty good, as I will no longer be writing full time, which will hopefully allow me to devote a bit more time to this place and organize it a bit better.

One thought on “Falling behind already.

  1. I hear ya, I took a summer long hiatus from my blog and I’ve started to get back into it and it feels so good! I think it’s because I’m back in school again and since I’m starting to be religiously on my computer again I pull up my blog and work on it while procrastinating on my actual homework.

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