First Snow, Curling and A Disappointment

Yesterday we woke up to the first snow fall of the winter. It had actually started snowing the previous day but at that time it was too dark to see just how much we would get or to take a picture of it. So we got up to see everything covered in a white blanket of powdery snow. I’m not a fan of snow, I used to be. As a kid I would spend hours outside playing in the snow, building forts and snowmen, having snowball fights and even helping my dad shovel the driveway. However I now hate the snow, and winter and cold in general. I think it stems from where I currently live. Winters are long and extremely cold, the snow fall we get each year is crazy and I just hate going outside at all.

The view from my front window.

However when I picked up my son from daycare he insisted upon playing outside for a bit. So after bundling him and myself up we ventured out into the arctic (that’s how I look at it) and wandered about the front yard for a bit. He wanted to build a snow man but the snow we get is generally not good for packing hard. It’s light, powdery and will fall apart when trying to make it into snow balls. So after nearly an hour outside, I only wanted to be out a few minutes but he would have none of that, we came inside to warm up.

As I started dinner I also started to dread the next thing I would need to do that night. And that was go watch my husband curl. I don’t get Curling. To me it’s about as boring as golf. However my husband, for some reason or another, seems to enjoy it, so once winter hits we are dragged to the curling arena once or twice a week to watch him curl. I seriously dread those nights. There is nothing interesting about curling and yet the other people that watch it as so into it I just shake my head. They get so excited, yelling over good and bad shots, that you would swear they were watching Hockey or some other fast paced sport. But nope, they are just watching curling. I have tried to understand the game, to see what they find so interesting about it, but each time I read up on the game I find it so terribly boring.

It makes me wonder how desperate for entertainment people were to have invented such a sport. No offense to people who enjoy playing or watching Curling, but I think I would rather watch paint dry than watch Curling. Well by the time we left the curling arena right before my sons bedtime (my husband was still there since his game wasn’t over yet) I wanted to get some writing done. I hadn’t done any writing yet in the day since I was busy putting a second coat on the walls I had painted the previous day, cleaning the house, puttering about the internet and then cooking dinner. Of course my hopes of getting any writing done were completely crushed by the utter brain dead feeling I had from watching Curling. I tried desperately to write even a single sentence but nothing came to me. I was a bit disappointed, I hate not writing at least something each day, however my mind just wasn’t in it.

Of course that would not be my only disappointment of the night. When my husband finally got home another hour or so later, he told me he got an email from the guys in Nevada. A few weeks ago we had gone down there so he could have a job interview. I was really hoping for this job to come through since I loved the town in Nevada and really just want to get out of the place we are in. That is not going to happen. He didn’t get the job even though the guy really wanted to hire him, they ended up going with someone else. I am more than a little disappointed with this. The guy said he would keep my husbands name on file in case any other positions open but for now we are stuck here. Guess I will have to wait another year or so before I get my horse and ranch.

In one small bit of good news the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta opens in a few hours. While I will only be playing it for three days, that’s how long the beta is, I am quite excited about this. I won’t really be able to talk about what I see or do in the game but at least I have some glimmer of happiness on this day of continued snowy disappointment.

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