Another One of Those Days

Oh yes, it was one of those days today. The type of day where everything went wrong and just what I thought it would get better more things went wrong. It all started with waking up late, not necessarily a bad thing some days, but today it was. This resulted in a moment of panic and then rushing around like a chicken with it’s head cut off to get my son up and ready. Today was one of his three daycare days, and I had all of fifteen minutes to get him and myself ready and out the door to get there on time. So after quickly getting him dressed, grabbing him some breakfast I bundled up and headed outside to get the truck warmed up. With the windchill it was it was close to -30 Celsius so I wanted to make sure the truck was somewhat warm before we left. I just inside the truck, stick the key in the ignition and…

Tick, tick, tick.

This is the sound I am greeted with. Of course it wouldn’t start. Why would it? It’s okay, I tell myself and give the key another turn. Tick, tick, tick. Well now I’m mad. He wasn’t at daycare yesterday because he was feeling a bit sick so I had kept him home. Needless to say I was looking forward to having a few hours to myself to catch up on a few things. Let’s try this one more time. Nope, same result. So, after a few choice words, I climb out of the truck and head back inside. “Change of plans, it’s a house day.” I tell him as I shed off the multiple layers of clothes. He doesn’t seem too disappointed at the prospect of staying home and playing with his toys and watching TV.

After warming up I settled down in front of the computer. Only to find out that today was the day the SOPA/PIPA protests were happening on multiple sites. I didn’t necessarily need to look up anything on Google or Wiki, but sometimes when I get bored I just look up things randomly and without those sites it certainly put a damper on things. So with a slight lack of internet access I mulled around for a while, trying to do stuff but just no longer in the mood. That’s when I decide to go and play some Old Repubic for a bit. Log in and then see that there’s a patch to download first. That’s okay, patches are generally a good thing. They fix bugs, add new content, fix abilities that may not be working as intended. So I was okay with this. After a quick download I pop into game for a bit so I can at least do my dailies.

It was a few hours later before my husband came home from work. I had emailed him to let him know about my truck so that when he got home he would park in front of it so we could boost it. Last time the truck wouldn’t start about two weeks ago we just gave it a quick boost and it was fine. So I bundle up once more, head outside, hook up the jumper cables, hop in the truck, turn the key and… Tick, tick, tick. Well now I’m just really annoyed. We try two more times before deciding to give up. It ain’t starting. Once again I head inside to warm up. Now more than ever I need to log into Old Republic and go on a killing spree. Let me tell you, it’s a great way to relieve stress some days. Turn on my gaming computer, log into Old Republic and…wait a second…the servers are down for maintenance! And they won’t be back up until 11AM tomorrow!

This has not been my day. And so, I will end the night with a movie. I’m undecided whether it will be a Western or one of the Police Academy movies, but it seems to be my only option for entertainment tonight. Or perhaps I should do some writing. Oddly enough I do some of my best novel writing when I’m frustrated.

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