Do You Hear The Crickets?

Seems I’ve gone and started a cricket farm without even realizing it. I turn my back on this blog for five minutes, or was it a month or two, and they are everywhere! Need to do some cleaning and find these critters and new home. Well, perhaps I will keep one or two just for fun. I mean, look at them, aren’t they the cutest little crickets that you’re ever seen.

In all seriousness I am a terrible blog owner. I have not abandoned this place, nor will I ever, it’s just that a got a little (read that as a lot) distracted and then time kind of just slipped away on me. Between being eaten by Star Wars: The Old Republic, my one computer dying (which of course is the computer I use to write this blog on) and countless other distractions, this blog got temporarily shelved. However I’m back and looking forward to continuing to work on this. I will still be decently distracted by SW:TOR as the game eats a lot of my time, but I will be trying to post somewhat regularly again. Might even do a few posts regarding my progress in the game.

So bare with me a few moments while I clean out the dust, shoo away the crickets and get things rolling again.

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