On Raiding, Writing and Leveling

Oh what a busy week. At least in the realm of Star Wars: The Old Republic it was. Though it was busy it was also very productive. And productivity I like. Let’s see here what all happened.

Well, I firstly I did five nights worth of Operations, or raids as they as also referred to. Normally it’s only four nights a week, however this week Hard Mode Soa, the final boss in Eternity Vault, proved to be a bit more difficult than others. His fight is tricky and if you have bad luck with the orbs or mind traps you likely won’t get very far. But on a happy note, after about five and a half hours over two nights we managed to get him down. Also clear out Karagga’s Palace on Hard Mode without any problems. Then I turned around and ran those operations again on normal mode this weekend. It was a good week of raiding even with the hang up on Soa initially.

On top of operations I’ve been religiously doing my dailies every day. They are a great source of credits and you can get good implants and earpieces for not only your character but your companions as well. I’ve also found them to be a great source of legacy points. While the legacy system hasn’t entirely been added to the game yet, in the next big patch it will be and I’m trying to level it up nice and high before then. Currently sitting at Legacy 28, which is pretty darn awesome if I do say so myself.

As if all of that didn’t keep me busy enough in game, I have also been working on a number of alts. A Jedi Shadow tank, a Bounty Hunter DPS, an Imperial Agent that will likely be DPS, a second Trooper, and my original character a Jedi Sentinel is getting attention once more.

Needless to say I’m in game a lot. But hey it’s fun and it’s not like I have a job to go to or anything.

Now, on the writing side of things, I still have been plugging away at my novel ideas. However, as if it weren’t obvious from the above, progress on those have slowed down a bit. I have also started another writing project which ties into my gaming. You see with the Legacy system being added in the next patch you can create relationships between your characters, be it family, friend, foe or other. This has inspired me to write up background stories for all my characters and explain who they are related to or know each other. Maybe if I feel up to it I’ll post them here once they are done, but at this point they are still a work in progress.


2 thoughts on “On Raiding, Writing and Leveling

  1. I love the idea of writing up background stories for all your characters. That’s very cool 🙂 I have little ideas in my head always of how my WoW characters connect, but there’s no way to really have that shown in game.

    • Thanks! I had a background worked out for my main raiding characters in WoW as well. Though the characters in SW:TOR have much longer and more involved stories at this point, and I’m still working on them.

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