May The Fourth Be With You!

Today is May fourth and that means it is Star Wars day! The day of the year where Star Wars fans from across the universe celebrate their love of Star Wars. In celebration of Star Wars Day, I am spotting my Star Wars T-shirt, drinking my Dr Pepper out of a giant Star Wars cup, listening to the Star Wars soundtracks for all six movies and most importantly Playing Star Wars: The Old Republic all day long.

Yes, I realize the last one isn’t anything new, I play SW:TOR all the time regardless of what day it is. But it is fitting to play a Star Wars video game on Star Wars Day. So my fellow Star Wars fans, and those who may not care for Star Wars that much (shame on you), what are you doing to celebrate Star Wars day?

Also, on a completely unrelated note. Does anyone else dislike the new WordPress layout? Or is it just me?

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