MMO Monday: Wednesday Edition

While I realize it is past Monday I was unable to do my Monday post due to being super sick. However now that I’m back on the side of the living I figured I’d share with you my adventures in Old Republic over the last week.

My guild made a very big decision this week. Instead of our old set up, where we were running 2 8-man progression Ops groups weekly, we have decided to merge into a single 16-man Op group and tackle the content as a whole. Our first run was on Wednesday night where we attempted a story mode Explosive Conflict. I have to say I was very impressed with how well we did. Our Ops are scheduled for three hour runs and in that time on Wednesday we managed to kill all but the final boss. That is a very impressive first run as a 16-man guild, especially considering not everyone had previously been through Explosive Conflict.

We picked up again on Thursday. After a couple tries on Kephess, the final boss in Explosive Conflict, we walked away with some really nice loot and the satisfaction that our guild can do this no problem. Since we still had about two hours or so left in the night we decided to pop over to Karagga’s Palace and attempt a 16-man Nightmare run. The first boss Bonethrasher went down clean as anything. However we did hit a bump during Jarg and Sorno, the second boss. Sadly we ended the night with the pair still alive but I am looking forward to what we will be doing this week now that a lot of our group got several pieces of new gear out of Explosive Conflict.

Our first 16-man Kephess kill.

Tonight will be our second run of 16-man Explosive Conflict and I am really hoping that we can clear it in the three hour raid time frame allowing us to devote tomorrow’s full night to dealing with Nightmare Karagg’as Palace.

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