MMO Monday: A Steady Decline

The last weeks worth of Old Republic play time has been…disappointing. I can’t entirely explain it as the situation has me confused. Long story short my in game time has dropped dramatically, as has the time my guildies are online as well. It used to be I could log in and see several people online, whether it was doing their dailies on the level fifty, working on a low level character or just sitting around chatting with people. Sure there was less activity during the day than at night but honestly that’s pretty much expected in an MMO. People tend to play more at night. It’s the ideal raiding time and for those who work their only time to log in is nights and weekends.

But lately there has been no one online. Not during the day and rarely at night. In the last two weeks most of our raids have been canceled. It sucks but what can you do when six people show up for a sixteen man raid. At that point there is nothing left to do but call it for the night and hope the turnout is better.The problem is, that lack of attendance has been our only consistency over the past two weeks. Twice we tried doing an eight man raid due to the lack of number for the sixteen man. I thought that would be fun, at least it would give me a chance to raid. Boy was I wrong. Nothing is better worse than spending three hours dying to the same boss over and over again. That’s what we did twice this week.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know progression raiding is all about dying and learning the boss fights and eventually downing them and being rewarded amazing loot for your effort. But our group knows this fight, in fact they know all the fights of the operation. The problem is sloppy execution. I think a lot of us have stopped caring, we’re already bummed/annoyed that the sixteen man was canceled so attempting to salvage the night with an eight man hard mode that’s kicking our asses royally just isn’t doing it for us.

Another downside to this is, in the sixteen man story mode Op, Explosive Conflict, that our guild has been running we are getting the same gear drop that we have been getting for months running Karagga’s Palace and Eternity Vault. The only boss that drops any new gear is the final boss. Sure we get the commendations that can buy the new gear from each boss we down as well as out of the chests located around the zone, but what’s the point of raiding each week and getting all this gear when it keeps going to companions and even then most people don’t need it for that either.

Perhaps the lack of attendance is due to the recent release of Diablo 3. In fact I know at least some of it is as I remember several of my guild members talking about it, eagerly awaiting it’s release. Perhaps some of it has to do with the numerous bugs that plague the raiding aspect of the game. Or perhaps, like me, people have found their desire to play fading.

I hate to admit that I have already grown tired of a game that has only been out for six months. I had waited so long for this game to come out. I find it harder and harder to play a game in which major bugs seem to be completely ignored by the developers. My desire to log in on a daily basis has diminished greatly, logging on to see that no one is online in my guild yet again is very disheartening. I find the knowledge that the same quests I did on my Trooper and Jedi Knight await me on every other Republic character I level. Yes, the class quests are different, but those are few and far between and those alone will not get you to level fifty. Yes, I could level them using PVP. But, here’s the problem, I grow tired of PVP way too fast. Yes, I could play an Empire character. In fact I do have an empire character. The problem is I am leveling her with a friend, who is among the many guild members that have not been online lately.

So, in conclusion, I feel myself leaning towards quitting Old Republic. It’s sad to do so, but I don’t see much point in paying fifteen dollars a month for a game I will likely not log into. I have about two months to make my final decision, as that’s when my subscription is up for renewal. If things change for the better before then I may continue on, if not then I will drop the game and turn my MMO time into my reading and writing time, something that I have been neglecting greatly in these past few months/years.


2 thoughts on “MMO Monday: A Steady Decline

  1. Everybody I know is bailing from SWTOR. We played the beta but never got the game. I will tell you that Diablo III is….a little thin. It’s pretty, and it’s fairly classic Diablo, but it’s not bringing anything new to the table and it’s very, very short . David had it completely beaten in 3 days. He’s playing Tera now, which is freakin’ gorgeous and beautifully made. I don’t know how the end-game on it is, though, or how much replayability there is for other classes. What makes it unique and immersive is the real-time battle — you have to actually target and move around and fight, sort of like if you were playing an action-adventure game rather than a standard MMO.

    But, yeah, less gaming = more writing. I’m contemplating quitting Gaia for that very reason, although I’m being a bit of a pansy about it.

    • I know a lot of people who are on the verge of quitting like myself or already have quit SW:TOR. It’s honestly a shame, since the game does have a lot of potential, but very poor maintained by BioWare. I haven’t heard much about D3, except for it being the reason for many people’s current abandonment of SW:TOR. I think I’m just reaching that point in my life where gaming isn’t as fun nor the best way to spend my time.
      And yes, more writing time! It’s exactly what I need. Also, you are not allowed to quit Gaia, not now at least. We must chat about this more, perhaps on AIM?

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