Book Review: Kushiel’s Dart

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This book had me from page one. Though I must admit I was quite apprehensive at first, due to the synopsis of the book (it isn’t something I would normally read even if it is of the Fantasy genre) and because it was written in first person. I have this great dislike of books written in first person, and have always said that a book in the Fantasy genre could not be written in first person, there are simply too many characters involved to pull it off. Well, Jacqueline Carey proved me wrong in this.

I must admit that I found the first four hundred pages or so a bit slow, not enough to turn me off reading but enough that I will willing to put the book down at any moment, the middle of a chapter or the middle of a paragraph it didn’t matter, I could set it down. But the moment it left my fingers I was reaching towards it again, I just had to know what was going to happen next. The thing that really kept me glued to the pages was the intrigue of the book, the various mysteries that surrounded the numerous characters, the bits of information that trickled in taunting you with the possibilities of answers but also leading to even more questions. And then of course there was the mystery surrounding Anafiel Delaunay. I kept wondering just who he was and what his true purpose was.

Even as some of the mysteries came to light, revealing answers I may have guessed at, and in most cases did not see coming, I was still enthralled with what would happen next. After the first half of the book there was nothing that could make me put it down. Each paragraph, each chapter had me begging for more. Phedere is a strong character who kept surprising me along the way, I knew she was clever and well versed in many things thanks to the training Delaunay saw her to, but even then I was impressed by the things she pulled off.

The sex scenes, if I can truly call them that, were, well they were somewhat what I would expect out of this sort of book, considering what Phedere was. However I did find them also disappointing. It seemed that they focused so much on her pleasurable torment that it was added as more of an afterthought at the end of ‘oh and they also had sex’. That being said, I have never been a fair of reading sex scenes, but I felt that this book somewhat needed them, or at least needed better ones. The one scene I was dying to have better detail of was between Phedere and Josceline. I saw it coming, was glad it was happening, but again found myself disappointed at what was actually played out in that scene.

With all the characters in this book I was very interested in their role among the puzzle pieces. How would they effect the next piece? Would they reveal who they truly were or continue to wear a mask that hide things? So many questions and as the book came to an end I realized how many are yet to be answered. Those answers will of course come in the next book and perhaps even the third book in the series. One thing I am looking forward to is the finding out what will happen with Melisande, a character I both hate and love.

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On a small side note, I did find one thing disappointing more than anything else. And it has nothing to do with the content of the book. I was silly enough to only buy the first book in the series because honestly I wasn’t sure what I would think of it or if I would even like it. Now I am thoroughly kicking myself for doing so and waiting impatiently for the next trip to the bookstore, which luckily is coming up this Sunday, so I can scoop up the next two books. Lesson learned, buy all the books or none at all.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Kushiel’s Dart

    • See for me the length of the book doesn’t bother me. I’m working on Kushiel’s Chosen currently. I love really long books, anything under 700 pages feels far too short for me. I will still pick up and read shorter books but my favorite are the extremely thick ones.

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