Sunshine Award

It has happened again! I have received the Sunshine Award! I am actually quite surprised by this. Yes I have gotten a few awards on my blog in the past but man each time I receive one I am always shocked. First off let me thank Missy Frye for the nomination.

Because I have received this award I now need to answer the following questions:

Favorite number: 27
Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: Dr Pepper
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook, but only because I have yet to get a Twitter account
My Passion: Reading and writing.
Favorite pattern: That’s a tough one, I’m going to say either swirls or tribal pattern.
Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday.
Favorite Flower: African Violet

Now, I must nominate ten bloggers to pass the award on to. Since I have somewhat exhausted my list of bloggers I regularly follow with the last few rewards I have received and always struggle to get ten listed I am going to do this part slightly different. This time I will list ten blogs I found today that caught my eye. And they are, in no particular order:

  1. Books For Breakfast
  2. Annie Cardi
  3. London Is For Living
  4. Merry Farmer
  5. Bighorn Mountain Mama
  6. Young Cousin Tim
  7. Reading With Analysis
  8. Brook’s Books
  9. Up All Night Reading
  10. Book Journey

And there you have it folks. Hope you enjoy the blogs I have listed here, and to those I passed the award on be sure to pass it on as well

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