The Problem With Book Sales

There is nothing more dangerous to my wallet, well make that my husbands wallet, than a book sale. Sure the prices have been reduced but that only means I can buy even more books, thus spending the same amount if not more than I would have had they been full priced. Dangerous though they may be I take great joy in book sales. In fact I have visited two sales in the last week and a half. Needless to say I added a whole bunch more books to my to read pile but I do not regret that one bit.

The first sale I visited was just over a week ago. We had gone to Thunder Bay to have an oil change on my husbands truck done. With some time to kill we headed to the Chapters down the road and the first thing I am greeted with is a giant sign inside their entrance stating “Buy 3, get the 4th book free.” I know I did an internal jump for joy and then immediately apologized to my husband for that I was about to do. I hit nearly every corner of that book store, making sure to spend a lot of time digging through their final copy bin as well as the clearance aisle. All in all we walked out of there with a dozen books, including a couple of magazines. We probably could have bought more but I was trying very hard to be conservative.and in that respect I think I did quite well. My husband also bought a couple of books so it was not just me fishing into his wallet for money.

Our next book sale happened over the course of Sunday and Monday. We were once again in Thunder Bay due to the air conditioning on the truck going. It was something that was diagnosed on the last visit but they didn’t have the parts to fix it then. So I found myself at the Chapters once again. While the previous sale had finished there was still plenty of books to choose from in the clearance aisle and I picked up a few full priced books too from the Fantasy section. This part of the shopping trip was relatively easy and not at all expensive. Then we went to the used book store.

Let me tell you, I felt like a kid in a candy store. When I walked in the door my face lit up and I know I turned to my husband and said, “Look at all those books!” He knew his wallet was in trouble this time. My first stop was the Fantasy section. It took me probably around half an hour to peruse all those shelves, then I moved onto the Science Fiction section which stood as usual right beside the Fantasy section. Then I said out loud, “Man I could really go for some western books.” I hadn’t realized my husband or one of the store employees was there and they quickly pointed me in the right direction and so I headed there with an already full armload of books.

This section of the store had so many good books, I really wish I had have brought a camera with me. I had my cell phone but it hold all pictures hostage so no point in using it to take pictures of the store. Again I found myself scrolling over all the titles. Picking up quite a few of them to read the synopsis. I managed to restrict myself to only a handful of books from this section, though honestly I could have easily taken fifty books with me on top of the ones I had already picked up. But hey I needed to save some not only for my next trip but also for the next set of customers to come in.

I would have stayed there much longer but the child was bored and hungry. So I lugged my pile of books to the counter. Among all my finds in the store I think the best one was Lonesome Dove. I have been wanting to get that book for a long time now and have been having a terrible time finding it. Yes the cover is a bit worn but I’m willing to accept that and look forward to the day when I can pick it up and read it. So while I just expanded my to read list by a large and somewhat unexpected amount I am very excited about my newest books. I shall give my husbands wallet some time to recover before heading back to that store again, as I know there are many more books that I want to get.

4 thoughts on “The Problem With Book Sales

  1. Brilliant, love when you find a book you’ve been searching for at a book sale. And I particularly like the buy 3 get the fourth book free, that’s just dangerous for bookworms everywhere!

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