Mailbox Swag

Knowing that I have several books coming in the mail I have been a bit overzealous about checking my mailbox. Where I used to check it at the beginning and end of each month now I am checking it daily, sometimes twice a day in hopes of finding a new book waiting for me. Obsessive I know, but hey I can’t help but get excited over books, they are my drug and I am absolutely addicted to them. So when I went to the mailbox yesterday and saw that I had a package waiting I was very excited. Of course the question rolling around my head was which book would arrive today? So I handed over the card and waited for my package. When the lady came back with a relatively large box I was beginning to wonder if it was something else. Had we ordered something recently and that was what arrived today? I couldn’t think of anything so with a shrug I took the box and headed to my truck. It was at that time I saw that the package had come from a publisher, so it was definitely a book but why was the box so darn big?

I hurried home so I could answer this question. When I opened the box I was surprised at the contents inside. It was books, quite a few of them, and other items as well. So I quickly, but carefully, dove into the box pulling everything out.

It was the books I was expecting from author A.L. Collins. I had offered, through Goodreads, to have my friends and I read and review his book and he was kind enough to send us copies of not one but two of his books. That in itself was a great thing to have happen. But then on top of that each of the books was autographed. That was even better. But there was other things in the box as well.

Along with the books were three pens. I love pens so this was great. As well as three scented candles. I thought this was neat as the candles were related to the books he sent us. I’m not sure which candle will go to me and which will go to my friends, we may need to fight over them, but this was a pleasant and unexpected surprise to find put in with the boxes.

Next in the box was a small handful of cards that I can hand out to people who may be interested in his books. They provide the name of his books along with his website. I thought this was great as it would allow me to pass these book titles along to anyone I may mention them to. Of course I will wait until after I read the books to do this, that way if they have questions about the book I can actually answer them.

Then there were these larger information cards. And on top of that these too were autographed by the author. This box was a treasure trove of great things and I was terribly excited. Of course I think my friends will be excited as well since they have no idea I got these books for them.

Last but not least there are the books themselves. Three copies of Twined and three copies of Scarlett’s. As I mentioned above each copy is signed by the author, and to make that even better, they are each personalized with my friends names on them. This is going to be a great thing to hand over to them. And then of course the best part of all will come, when we get to sit down and read these books then discuss what we liked and didn’t like about them.

So before I go, I just want to give a big thank you to A.L. Collins for providing my friends and I with these great books and everything else that was included with that package. I am definitely looking forward to reading these books and then writing reviews for them. I think I will put them next on my to read list as soon as I finish the book I am currently working on. And for those who haven’t read these books yet go check them out, I can’t tell you yet whether I liked them or not but I will do so as soon as I get them done.

3 thoughts on “Mailbox Swag

  1. That’s so cool! Kudos to A.L. Collins for assembling such an awesome package for you and your friends. You should definitely burn the candles while reading the book, for maximum effect 🙂

    • Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking. Will add a new element instead of just the normal sitting in my chair reading a book. Who knows, maybe the scents will enhance certain scenes in the books.

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