All These Things

Ah this weekend was a busy one. So much so that I am only just getting around to talking about it now. Of course this week itself is also proving incredibly busy since I leave for a two week vacation in a few days and most of my time is currently spend scrambling to get things done.

On Saturday I headed out for a day to myself, which by the way is not entirely fun when I spend eight hours in the truck to do so. My goal was to do some semi last minute pre-vacation shopping and see the new Pixar movie Brave. The shopping I don’t care about, I never liked shopping so the details are vague at best. But oh man, Brave was an amazing movie!

Ignoring the fact that I was the only person in the theater that did not have a child with them, I was totally excited about seeing this movie. When I first saw a teaser for it about a year ago I knew that it would be good. The CG was amazing, the story was great and the characters I just absolutely loved. I won’t go into details because I would hate to ruin it for people who haven’t seen it yet, and trust me I hate when spoilers are given out. All I can say is if you haven’t already went to see it then go do so now. You will not be disappointed, and if you do find yourself disappointed, well then shame on you.

Now I did make a quick stop at the use bookstore after the movie. A dangerous place to visit after my last experience, but luck was on my husbands wallet side as pretty much all the books I was hoping to get they didn’t have in stock. It was a sad time for me. However, I didn’t walk out empty handed, because honestly I knew there would be something worth picking up. So I ended up leaving the store with two books, Anything for Billy and Buffalo Girls both by Larry McMurtry.

With that trip out of the way we spend a few hours on Monday canoeing and fishing. That was the bargain I struck with my husband, I got to see Brave and he would take us fishing. I’m not a fan of fishing, even less so eating fish, but I was willing to go because our son wanted to go. It was the perfect weather to go as well. Once we drove out to the lake we put the canoe in the water and while we were getting ready our son saw something.

Curious I went over to see what the fuss was. Turned out it was hundreds of tadpoles. He was pretty darn excited about seeing them, and I can understand why, I loved tadpoles as a kid and often took some home in a bucket to watch grow into frogs before releasing them back where they came from.

After satisfying the need to watch tadpoles for quite some time we finally got in the canoe, paddled out and we started fishing. The first cast brought in nothing. The second one got my husband all excited. He felt a tug and was proud to have caught a fish so quickly.

Yeah, not quite the fish he had thought it would be. This was now the new trend in our fishing, cast the line, reel it in, remove plant material from hook, try again. I don’t know if there were no fish in that lake or we just had terrible luck but plants were the only thing we caught that day. Of course our son didn’t seem to mind, he had fun even without catching fish.

The best part of it came after we left the lake. We headed home, put away the canoe and supplies then went for a short walk. We ended up at the doughnut shop and came home with these:

Oh yeah, that is one delicious doughnut. It was certainly the perfect end to the day. So stuffed with all that deliciousness I remembered something and cringed. I’ve been completely neglecting my Camp NaNoWriMo novel. I am normally very diligent about working on my novels but this month has been full of distracts that I have not been able to ignore. So while I panic about not reading my word count goal I am also glad for some of the distractions. Perhaps with some miracle I will reach fifty thousand words before the end of the month, though with a trip looming this weekend and lots of packing and prep still to do I don’t know if I should get my hopes up.

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