The Ever Growing Bookshelf

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am a bookaholic.

I have a problem, a book problem. Though when you think about it, is being a lover of books truly a problem? No, I don’t think it is. There are far worse things to be addicted to in this life. Reading is such a great activity that I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t read. But, I’m getting slightly off topic here so let’s focus. As many book lovers will know books tend to pile up faster than you can read them some days. Vacation, house responsibilities and other tidbits of life can cut into reading time. And that is just the books you currently own. Then there are trips to the book store, both new and used, garage sales and libraries that can further increase the size of your to read piles.

In a way having that many books is a good thing. This way you know you will always have something to read no matter how fast or slow you are able to work through them. So in a way having all these books around the house isn’t so much a problem at all. The problem is finding room in the house to put said books.

A solution was found to this the other day. On a shopping trip where I managed to pick up yet another armful of books at the used book store I also made a second stop which was just as important. This stop helped me acquire two new bookshelves. Why two? Well they aren’t all that big, but given the space I have to work with I couldn’t have gotten big shelves even if I wanted to. Yesterday was spent putting them together and placing some of my new additions on them as well as some books that I have had for some time now. I’ve still got a few piles of books to sort through and add to the shelves but then are looking pretty darn good so far.


I’ve also been busy writing up a backlog of book reviews. There is one and half left to type up. Once they are all done I will be posting them. I had considered posting them as I finished writing them, however I know that would have made me want to pick up the next book in the pile and thus fall further behind on reviews, so I’m doing them in one big lump. This will give me the freedom to do a bunch of reading and reviewing after they are done so I can focus on the current book instead of being distracted by the books that I read in the past and am trying to remember all the details for an accurate review.

Also since today is the first day of August that means the official start to the second round of Camp NaNoWriMo. I didn’t fair so well in Junes round, so I’m really oping to pull through and hit my word count goal this month. However I am not starting until I get these last two book reviews done so I had best get to it before I fall to far behind on my word count again.

4 thoughts on “The Ever Growing Bookshelf

  1. Bookshelves can’t hold my books. No matter how nicely I organize them and how carefully I arrange the sections by size, I can’t seem to fit them all in EVER and then I end up with piles on the shelves. I hate it. I want to, at some point, have a room where, instead of having paintings on the walls, I will just have bookshelves lining the walls in lieu of a library room.

    • I have a similar problem. The shelves are nice and organized at first and then slowly transform into ugly piles upon those shelves. I’d love to have a room with nothing but bookshelves on the walls.

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