Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week we are listing the Top Ten Bookish Confessions.

  1. In the six years I have lived in this town I have never been to the library. Don’t get me wrong I love libraries but I just never made the time to go check it out. I shall plan to rectify this in the future.
  2. I have never read any of the Harry Potter books. I think I gave a friend a heart attack the other night when I told her this, made it worse by mentioning I had only watched the first three movies. One day I will read them, one day.
  3. I am an series addict. Almost every book I buy/read is part of a series and to fill in the gap while waiting for the next book of said series to come out I will go buy another book starting yet another series. It’s a vicious cycle, but one I enjoy greatly.
  4. I have not read any of the books most people consider the “classics”. Jane Austin, Charlotte Bronte, Charles Dickens: nope haven’t read them. Sad but true.
  5. If I could pick between spending time with other people or spending time reading a book I would always pick a book hand down. Sorry people but I am socially retarded and like to hide from society instead of enter it.
  6. I buy books far too often, though I don’t see anything wrong with that, even though my to read list is a daunting and enormous thing.
  7. Ever since getting my Kindle two years ago I have been horribly addicted to downloading every free book out there. Even if I know the chances of me ever wanting to read that book is slim, the fact that it’s free means I can’t say no.
  8. I buy at least twenty new bookmarks a year because I keep losing the old ones. And they are not in any of my books, trust me I’ve looked.
  9. I can’t read out loud. I just can’t. I murder words, mess up sentences and overall hate it.  This makes reading to my son a challenge but I soldier through it because I want him to love books as much as I do.
  10. In the six years I played World of Warcraft the only reading I did was quest logs and other in game information. I have been trying to make up for my abandoning reading during that time of my life ever since.

Do you have any book related confessions? If so join in on the Top Ten Tuesday or post them in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

    • The Harry Potter books are on my eventual to read list, just need to catch up on a small (read that as large) backlog of books.

      Your TTT were great. I laughed at number 10 but at the same time I can totally sympathize with that.

  1. I love book series as well and most of the books I read are part of a series. I’m also pretty bad at reading out loud although if I memorized it before hand than I’m okay.

    • Series just have so much more to offer than stand alone books as far as I have found, since there is almost always something to look forward to in the future, whereas with stand alones once they are done that’s it.

  2. I share confessions 4, 6 and 7 with you 🙂 It’s too hard to resist downloading the free books for kindle because even if they turn out to be a bit naff you still got it for free !! lol

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