Book Review: Wyatt Return of The Cowboy

My rating: 2 out of 5 stars

The issue with novellas or short stories is that they attempt to cram far too much into a few pages and because of this the story often feels rushed. Not only that but there is also a sense that somethings are missing in the story, be it that they were skipped in order to keep the story short or the author just didn’t feel like adding them, which usually results in unanswered questions and unhappy readers.

This book was no exception to that. I had such a hard time connecting with the main characters, though Wyatt more so than Paige. This did not feel like a good introduction story for the series. Yes, it introduced some of the characters that would be prominent throughout the series but other than that it held little appeal.

By far the worst part was the ending. It came so abruptly that it left me wondering if I chunk of the book was left out during publication. Honestly it felt like there should have been at least another chapter to really bring the story to a close. It felt as though things were just starting to move in the story and all of a sudden it was over. The story was slow and somewhat dull, the romance a bit lackluster and I think if I hadn’t read one of the other books in the series first I wouldn’t consider picking up the other books, for fear they would be as bad as this one. Though the prequel to the Harts of The Rodeo series it is in no way a necessary one to read before starting into the actual series. In fact I’d suggest just skipping it, really not worth the time to read it.


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