NaNoWriMo Fast Approaching

It’s been a bit quiet here lately and that’s for a number of reasons. The last week was a distraction filled mix of everything under the sun including a sick child, a sick puppy and a husband away dealing with family things. On top of that NaNoWriMo is just over a week away. For those who don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, it’s a writing challenge that happens the month of November and it is to write fifty thousand word novel in thirty days. This is the fourth year I will be participating and the last three years I have successfully met the word count goal.

This year I’m having a tough time deciding what to write. There are so many ideas stored in my notebooks that I want to write them all but it would be darn difficult to flop back and fourth between multiple stories in order to reach the word count. I might just have to roll the dice or put all the ideas into a ha and drawn one out in order to choose. Either way I am terribly excited about getting to do some major writing.

Before that starts however I have a few more books to read and review. So stay tuned and look for those reviews in this coming week. Hopefully I can get all the books read I wanted to this month before it ends.

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