NaNoWriMo Survival Kit

In a little less than 12 hours NaNoWri Mo will be starting for me. Am I panicking yet? Well, yes, just a little bit. But only because I still haven’t decided which of my many ideas I want to write this year. I’m hoping that when midnight hits so will inspirationa dn the right story will shine and I can get to writing. If not, well, maybe I’ll just roll a dice or something to pick. I can’t spend the first few days of NaNo still deciding what to do.

But picking a story isn’t everything. There other things important to completing NaNoWriMo. Many participants will have what they call the NaNoWriMo Survival Kit. It is those items that you must have in order to reach your goal. Obviously they vary from person to person, though some items are the same for everyone. I went to the store today to pick up the last things I needed. So here is my survival kit.


First up we have snacks. An absolute must since most of my time will be spent in front of the keyboard typing away furiously. Now I realize this is all junk food, but don’t worry, my husband will be cooking lots of healthy meals to counteract all the sugar and junk I will be consuming. So we have chips, Hot Dog and Sour Cream & Dill flavors, Twizzler Pull-n-Peel, Junior Mints, Bits & Bites, Reese Cups and Twix. Not pictured are Corn Nuts because I couldn’t find the bag, I know they are around here somewhere.


Next is drinks. I can’t live without Dr. Pepper, so it makes sense that it is an important addition to my survival kit. This years it’s Cherry Dr. Pepper, because it’s new and delicious. I also bought a bunch of Peach Drink mix, this stuff is so good!



Last but not least is my misc pile. Here are my necessary note books and pens. My DS and a few games for when I need a small break from writing. Lip Balm and hand cream because the house is freakishly dry right now and I desperately need them. Not pictured is my netbook, which I do almost all my writing on, it is only touched when I do NaNoWriMo or go on vacations. I may occassionally use my desktop for writing but the bulk of it will be on the netbook. Oh and flash drives, also not pictured, but I always back up my novel constantly on two different flash drives.

Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? If so what’s in your survival kit? If you are participating, feel free to add me as a writing buddy, my user name is: Temba

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