Christmas Baking…Pilsbury Style

Ah the holidays. The time when baked goods show up in every home, when people get together to celebrate and insane line ups dot almost every store there is. Yup, there is nothing like the holidays. The smell of freshly baked cookies filling the house is always a welcome thing. However for those of us who can’t bake to save our lives the holidays can be a daunting thing. We all know the need/want of cookies, pies and other baked goods. I am one of those people. The kitchen and myself have never gotten along. So when my son asks for cookies I feel a lump forming in my throat, my heart beats a bit faster and my palms get sweaty. Wait. You want me to make cookies? I try not to look frightened at the prospect. I do enjoy cookies just like everyone else but why do I have to make them?

And yet, there is hope for me! There is a way my son can get the cookies he wants and have me back them as well. Enter the Pilsbury dough boy. Ah yes, thanks to this little happy chunk of dough even I can make cookies that taste just as good as homemade. So with a quick run to the store I stock up on various types of cookies. Flip on the over, place dough on cookie trays, pop them in the over and voila! Ten minutes later I have made cookies. Boy don’t I feel like the best mom ever. I just made my son cookies when only a short while ago I was having a panic attack thinking about doing that exact thing.

Now with my confidence boosted I continue to bake and bake. Now we have tree cookies, snow men cookies, gingerbread cookies and last but not least sugar cookies. The best part is, very little mess compared to making them from scratch. I just simply throw out the packaging, clean the cookie trays and stand back to admire my work. Oh yes, I can bake cookies. Of course the real challenge now is making the cookies last. I know once we start eating them they will disappear faster than anything. I suppose that if worse come to worse I can always go and buy more. For as long as the store is stocked up with Pilsbury products I can bake to my hearts content, or at least bake without having a heart attack.