New Book Project

Well after a lot of thought I have decided to start up a new project. When I started this blog it was just somewhere to place my thought, maybe talk about my progress on my NaNoWriMo novel and complain about life’s little annoyances. Then when I started getting back into reading full time a few months back I decided this blog would be a good place to post reviews of the books I have read. IT worked out for the first little while, but then after looking at other book blogs I realized mine had a lot of work to be done. Half the time I didn’t want to post anything non-book related cause it might not appeal to people who came here because I was posting reviews. And the same went for not wanting to post reviews because I didn’t want the people who came here for other reasons wondering what I was doing. Sure it was possible people could like both but I really like the idea of this blog being my personal space, not a book review place.

So, taking that thought I decided to move my book reviews to a separate blog. The new blog will focus strictly on books. Life In A Notebook will still exist, however, it will be strictly for the things it was originally intended for. Without further ado, please head on over to my book blog, Exploring All Genres, while it is still a bit under construction due to my son starting school this week it should be at full capacity soon enough.