This Is Not The Vacation I Was Looking For

Calgary, I had been looking forward to coming here for nearly a year. We had come here on vacation last year, in fact this is the third trip we have made out here in the last four years. I really love it. Though normally we would fly out here after dropping the child off at the grandparents. This year we decided to not only bring him along but to drive all the way out here. It would be a long, horribly long drive but it would mean not being restricted by luggage on the plane and we wouldn’t need to rent a car either.

Luckily we have a DVD player in the truck so the boy would be somewhat entertained for the approximate 28 hours we would be stuck in the truck over two days. It went relatively fast the first day, hitting our stop destination in what seemed like only a few hours. The second day was agonizing. Not only were we driving across the entire width of the prairies, but the child ended up getting sick as well. We figured it was motion sickness. So for the fifteen or so hours stuck in the truck that day was filled with moans of the child, him refusing to eat or drink, and the occasional puke stop.

He’s actually asleep in this picture. It was probably the saving grace for this part of the trip that he slept so much, otherwise we probably would have had to break up the drive into another extra day which honestly would have been terrible.

So needless to say the first full day we were here was stuck in the hotel room. It was boring, the hotel has a few things to offer but obviously it was either myself or my husband that could go, not together, since one of us had to stay with the sickling. Yesterday the boy claimed to be feeling better and wanted to go to the zoo, I honestly knew he wasn’t better but was desperate enough to get out of the hotel I agreed to go. It started off fine, got to see a few animals he was really hoping to see, like the Penguins.

He had seen the giraffe’s, which apparently are his current favorite animal. We got to see a tiger nice and close for once, the last time we’ve been there they were always too far away to see very well.

By this time we had been there just over an hour and the boy was starting to have enough. His stomach was bothering him again and his legs were broken according to him. We let him go on the merry-go-round, though there was little enthusiasm to be found in him at that point.

So after this we decided to call it quits. While we would have liked to see more we had the child going downhill. The other thing against us this trip was that there was a lot of rain recently so several sections of the zoo were closed due to a bit of flooding. So not quite the zoo trip we had hoped for. We did stop off at the gift shop on our way out though and picked up a few things there.

Once again we found ourselves in the hotel. Well I decided that because my husband went to see a movie by himself the previous night while I stayed with the boy I would treat myself to something. So I headed down the road and hit up a used book store I had found. I did the smart thing scoping out several used book stores before even heading out to Calgary. I was like a kid in a candy store. The store was called Fair’s Fair, not a name I would ever imagine for a book store and in fact if I had been simply driving past it I might not have even known it was a bookstore if it hadn’t have been for the giant word ‘Books’ on the side of the building.

Look at all those books! And that’s just a single shelf in the store that had easily thirty of more shelves like that. In fact it was probably closer to fifty shelves in that store. It was hard to keep track of how many rows of books there were because I was too distracted by gleefully pulling books off the shelf to buy. I came prepared and brought a list of books I wanted to get. Between two of their locations I managed to get a large chunk of that list, in fact there are only seven books remaining on that list, and there are still three other locations of this store for me to visit.

Since I still have over a week before we leave I have plenty of time to hit up the other locations of Fair’s Fair along with the other used bookstores around here. Gotta pace myself after all.And because we haven’t had enough things go wrong so far we also had to take the truck in to the dealership. Why? Well it was making an odd sound wile driving. Turns out it was a pretty significant thing that needs to be fixed right away. Because of this we are without out truck for a large portion of the day and we will be out about six hundred dollars as well. Can I get a break already?

So, while this vacation has been a bit of a wash I’m still happy to be here and hoping it gets better in the coming days, especially since the Stampede starts on Friday.