The Friend Muse

The last few days have been pretty busy around here which is why I haven’t had a chance to post anything lately. But have no fear, in that time I have done plenty of productive things, including but not limited to: working on details for my novel, doing a massive (and very late) spring cleaning of the house, and reorganizing my desk. Oh there were other things that I did as well, but honestly they aren’t at all fascinating so I’ll just not mention them. All in all it’s been a good few days and I figured that things were finally getting back to the way they had been before vacation threw me off of the regular routine.

Then yesterday I saw a message from my best friend saying that her computer likely bit the dust finally and so she might not be on for a while depending on whether it can be fixed or needs to be replaced completely. Needless to say I found this a bit depressing.

I have known my best friend, Kirstin (aka Jet), since the second day high school. Sine that day we have been very close, even closer than my sister and I were, and in fact were often mistaken as sisters by a number of people. Together we did so many fun things, going on trail rides, laughing at our poor pool playing skills, playing video games, watching movies, and all kinds of other stuff. We would also sit together for hours and create worlds and characters and role play (RP) things out. It was the start of a long and still on-going love of writing and role playing together.And even though we haven’t seen each other in about six years, because she moved to Georgia to live with her now husband and I move even further north in Ontario to live with mine, we are still as close as ever.

So waking up this morning knowing that she wouldn’t be online today, and possibly for some time, I found it hard to get going. You may think it’s crazy but in a way Jet is my muse. We are always chatting online with each other, bouncing ideas back and forth, complain about annoying people in our lives, supporting each other when something isn’t going right and sometimes just talking shit cause we’re super bored. Typical friend stuff for the most part really, except for the idea that we feed off each others creativity. Each week we RP over at this site called Gaia. It’s a huge community and we have an absolute blast figuring out our characters, plotting ideas and then role playing them out. There are a lot of other great people on there that we RP with as well.

Without her around I know there a drastic decrease in my role playing as well as my writing in general. Call it stupid that the presence of someone would affect me so greatly, but it’s true. However, I’m just going to have to suck it up and trudge on without her, and pray that her computer can be fixed very soon, for I have a novel to write and even though she might not be online to see me through it I know we can discuss it when she does get back. And she can point out all the errors that I made. Ha ha.