Gamers Helping Sick Kids

A friend over at is participating in a fund raising event hosted by Extra Life to raise money to help kids suffering from cancer, cystic fibrosis and other injuries and diseases. As part of this event she will be playing World of Warcraft for 24 hours straight to help raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

If you would like to find out more information, donate or check out her live stream of the event, which will occur on Saturday October 20th, then please check out her profile on the Extra Life website here.


October Projects

Is it seriously October already? This year has flown by way too fast for my liking. It felt like yesterday was January. But since there is nothing I can do abotu how fast or slow time goes by I’ll just have to soldier on. So October is going to be a relatively busy month for me. I have NaNoWriMo prep to do, which yikes I haven’t even started yet even though I mentioned last week that I was going to be starting it. I have an enormous list of books I want to read this month, not only because I love books but I also am going to prepare book reviews ahead of time for the month of November so I can concentrate nearly all of my time on writing my novel instead of reading and working on reviews. The list sits at around thirty books right now, which should be doable if I keep up with them. Of course there’s one big thing that could interrupt that plan.

That one thing, is MMO’s. After quitting Star Wars: The Old Republic back in August I took a complete break from gaming. I have to admit it was nice to focus on something other than games for a while, namely reading books. However, with the latest World of Warcraft expansion out now, some of my old SW:TOR guildies still poking me about playing Rift and some other guildies wanting to start back up int SW:TOR my gaming side has flared up big time. I have started playing Rift casually, it’s free to play until level 20 but I’ve nearly hit that mark already. So now I need to make a decision, which game will I decide to play during what little free time I have? Wow, SW:TOR or Rift? I can only afford to play one so I don’t have the option of picking up all three, because honestly if I could afford it I would never leave my computer in order to give each game the attention it deserves. Oddly enough I’m kind of leaning towards WoW. Oh but wait! My best friend also recently started telling me about Lord of The Rings Online, which is also free to play, and showing me all the horse mounts you can get. Dang! Now I want to play that one too. At least it’s free?

So as you can see I have a slight gaming dilemma on my hands. Oh, did I also mention I really want to play board games lately too? I blame watching all the Table Top episodes on Geek and Sundry for that. Nothing wrong with board games though since it’s something I can do with my husband and son.

So needless to say, October and November are going to be extremely busy months for me but I am definitely up to the challenge. The first step though is to make a very large to do list, since I live off of lists and without them my world turns to chaos and is taken over by procrastination. I better get to it, the first day of the month is already past the half way point. Wish me luck!

MMO Monday: A Steady Decline

The last weeks worth of Old Republic play time has been…disappointing. I can’t entirely explain it as the situation has me confused. Long story short my in game time has dropped dramatically, as has the time my guildies are online as well. It used to be I could log in and see several people online, whether it was doing their dailies on the level fifty, working on a low level character or just sitting around chatting with people. Sure there was less activity during the day than at night but honestly that’s pretty much expected in an MMO. People tend to play more at night. It’s the ideal raiding time and for those who work their only time to log in is nights and weekends.

But lately there has been no one online. Not during the day and rarely at night. In the last two weeks most of our raids have been canceled. It sucks but what can you do when six people show up for a sixteen man raid. At that point there is nothing left to do but call it for the night and hope the turnout is better.The problem is, that lack of attendance has been our only consistency over the past two weeks. Twice we tried doing an eight man raid due to the lack of number for the sixteen man. I thought that would be fun, at least it would give me a chance to raid. Boy was I wrong. Nothing is better worse than spending three hours dying to the same boss over and over again. That’s what we did twice this week.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know progression raiding is all about dying and learning the boss fights and eventually downing them and being rewarded amazing loot for your effort. But our group knows this fight, in fact they know all the fights of the operation. The problem is sloppy execution. I think a lot of us have stopped caring, we’re already bummed/annoyed that the sixteen man was canceled so attempting to salvage the night with an eight man hard mode that’s kicking our asses royally just isn’t doing it for us.

Another downside to this is, in the sixteen man story mode Op, Explosive Conflict, that our guild has been running we are getting the same gear drop that we have been getting for months running Karagga’s Palace and Eternity Vault. The only boss that drops any new gear is the final boss. Sure we get the commendations that can buy the new gear from each boss we down as well as out of the chests located around the zone, but what’s the point of raiding each week and getting all this gear when it keeps going to companions and even then most people don’t need it for that either.

Perhaps the lack of attendance is due to the recent release of Diablo 3. In fact I know at least some of it is as I remember several of my guild members talking about it, eagerly awaiting it’s release. Perhaps some of it has to do with the numerous bugs that plague the raiding aspect of the game. Or perhaps, like me, people have found their desire to play fading.

I hate to admit that I have already grown tired of a game that has only been out for six months. I had waited so long for this game to come out. I find it harder and harder to play a game in which major bugs seem to be completely ignored by the developers. My desire to log in on a daily basis has diminished greatly, logging on to see that no one is online in my guild yet again is very disheartening. I find the knowledge that the same quests I did on my Trooper and Jedi Knight await me on every other Republic character I level. Yes, the class quests are different, but those are few and far between and those alone will not get you to level fifty. Yes, I could level them using PVP. But, here’s the problem, I grow tired of PVP way too fast. Yes, I could play an Empire character. In fact I do have an empire character. The problem is I am leveling her with a friend, who is among the many guild members that have not been online lately.

So, in conclusion, I feel myself leaning towards quitting Old Republic. It’s sad to do so, but I don’t see much point in paying fifteen dollars a month for a game I will likely not log into. I have about two months to make my final decision, as that’s when my subscription is up for renewal. If things change for the better before then I may continue on, if not then I will drop the game and turn my MMO time into my reading and writing time, something that I have been neglecting greatly in these past few months/years.

MMO Monday: Wednesday Edition

While I realize it is past Monday I was unable to do my Monday post due to being super sick. However now that I’m back on the side of the living I figured I’d share with you my adventures in Old Republic over the last week.

My guild made a very big decision this week. Instead of our old set up, where we were running 2 8-man progression Ops groups weekly, we have decided to merge into a single 16-man Op group and tackle the content as a whole. Our first run was on Wednesday night where we attempted a story mode Explosive Conflict. I have to say I was very impressed with how well we did. Our Ops are scheduled for three hour runs and in that time on Wednesday we managed to kill all but the final boss. That is a very impressive first run as a 16-man guild, especially considering not everyone had previously been through Explosive Conflict.

We picked up again on Thursday. After a couple tries on Kephess, the final boss in Explosive Conflict, we walked away with some really nice loot and the satisfaction that our guild can do this no problem. Since we still had about two hours or so left in the night we decided to pop over to Karagga’s Palace and attempt a 16-man Nightmare run. The first boss Bonethrasher went down clean as anything. However we did hit a bump during Jarg and Sorno, the second boss. Sadly we ended the night with the pair still alive but I am looking forward to what we will be doing this week now that a lot of our group got several pieces of new gear out of Explosive Conflict.

Our first 16-man Kephess kill.

Tonight will be our second run of 16-man Explosive Conflict and I am really hoping that we can clear it in the three hour raid time frame allowing us to devote tomorrow’s full night to dealing with Nightmare Karagg’as Palace.

MMO Monday – AFK All Day

It`s Monday again and you know what that means. It`s time for another edition of MMO Monday! I had hoped to have a nice amount of things to post about today, however my in game time this week was cut to the bare minimum. On top of that my regular raid night was switched to tonight so there`s sadly not much to talk about.

Tonight we will be burning our way through the new operation. If we finish in good time we will be popping over to Karagga`s Palace and do a quick Nightmare mode run of that place as well. I`m hoping the final boss droids the vanity pet, since it would make an excellent addition to my growing collection.

Speaking of which, this week brought in the legacy pet Tauntaun Ram. Which was awarded to any player with an active account as of specific date in April.

Look at the little adorable guy! Here`s hoping that next week I will have more to talk about.

MMO Monday

Ah Monday. The bane of my existence. The first day of the work week (not that I work but that’s a minor detail) and the day that most people grumble about. There’s a number of other reasons to dislike Monday, it’s the day you go back to school after the weekend, it’s the only day of the week that starts with ‘M’ and well, okay I’ve run out of reasons so I’m grabbing at straws here. I don’t know many people who like Monday’s, but to those of you who do, bravo for liking this terrible day. Monday’s make me think of the movie Office Space, where that lady would say “Sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays.”


Yeah, that’s the line. It brings a slight smile to my face to see that. Though at the same time I shudder just thinking about being stuck working with someone like that. Ah the joys of being unemployed, get to avoid people just like that woman.

Now! To the entire point behind this post. So we’ve established that I I don’t like Monday’s. So to make the day a bit more tolerable I have decided to do an MMO related post each Monday. I live to play MMO’s and since I spend most (read that as all) my time playing Star Wars: The Old Republic I know I will have plenty to talk about each Monday.

This last week of in game time has been mostly devoted to the World Event they added regarding the Rakghoul plague. It has added a new set of dailies that will, likely tomorrow be removed from the game, so I’ve been busy doing those on my two higher level characters on top of running raids and doing other regular dailies. It’s been fun to see this new addition and I look forward to either a continuation of this event or new world events in the future.

However, even greater thing that I accomplished was obtained four new in game vanity pets. Two are linked to the world event, one took a trip to eBay to acquire an the other took twenty-four hours of sitting in a nest waiting for the item to spawn in. The two raklings fro the event were decently easy to obtain. One was a reward from a quest that had me go all over Tatooine scanning ship parts. While the second was bought with DNA samples that are obtained from doing the new dailies. The eBay related pet was the Taun Fawn that is exclusive to PAX East people. However due to some people gaining multiples and others looking for a profit I was able to purchase the code for a small chunk of change. The fourth and final pet I obtained was the Orokeet. This bird is gained when you gather an egg from a nest on Alderaan then hatch it in the Tatooine desert. Call me crazy for sitting in the nest for 24 hours trying to get it but I think it was well worth the time and effort. There are actually several other Tauntaun vanity pets in game, and I’m working on obtaining them as well however those will take some time to do. I will update you whenever they are finally added to my collection.

Crimson Rakling, Pale Rakling, Orokee and Taun Fawn.

On top of my pet collection being started I have also been working on a number of lower level characters. My Jedi Shadow is doing well, at nearly thirty-six. A new Empire side alt was made who I’m leveling up with a friend from my Troopers guide, and that Sith Marauder is currently sitting at level sixteen. I still don’t enjoy leveling alts as much as some people do, but I must admit that the different class stories certainly make it much more enjoyable. I do any of them will hit fifty anytime soon, but honestly I’m in no rush to get a second max level character. Would only mean more raiding to do and I already run operations four to six nights a week as is on my Trooper. Nope, it’s best to keep it slow and enjoy leveling them when I feel like it.

New Years, Net Issues And MMO’s

Things have been quiet here, too quiet. I’m partially to blame for that. The other reason is a plethora of internet connection issues that have been plaguing me for the past month. If I don’t wake up to no internet then it flickers in and out all day long. Sometimes it’s out for large chunks of times, others it’s just long enough to interrupt what I had been trying to do. On top of that my main computer was having some issues the other day. They have since been solved but it certain made December the month from hell technology wise. Here’s hoping that with the new year these issues will be a thing of the past and I can get back to my regular net schedule.

In other news not much has happened here. Sad but true. Part of living in the middle of no where I suppose. I have, however, been sucked into the virtual world of gaming since mid December. Star Wars: The Old Republic eats pretty much all of my free time, and some of my other time as well. It’s worth it. I am thoroughly enjoying the game and it has renewed my love of MMO’s. After half of a month I have managed to level two characters to the mid to high thirties. My Jedi Knight Sentinel is currently at level thirty five and my Trooper Commando is sitting at thirty seven, though she will likely be thirty eight by the end of the knight. I have also been dabbling in the dark side of things. My Sith Marauder has reached level ten and my Imperial Agent is sitting at a whopping level three, granted I did just make her so I haven’t had much of a chance to work on her leveling.

For the moment my concentration is on my Commando. The class is incredibly enjoyable to play and I have to say their story line is pretty interesting. Not saying that the Jedi Knight story line isn’t interesting, but the Commando certainly won me over. The big gun helped. My plan is to get here to level fifty first then slowly work on my Knight and other characters as well. I hope to have more updates in the future on what I am doing both in and out of game. Also, that guest post I mentioned I was doing should happen sometime this month so I will be sure to give an update when it goes live.