Busy and then some.

The last few weeks have been super hectic here hence why there has been so little (read that as no) activity here. And it’s only going to get more crazy before things settle down again. Tomorrow we leave to go to Nevada for a few days for a job interview for my husband and a town tour for myself. So I probably won’t post much while I’m there. Once I’m back, which should be sometime Thursday, I will post an update on how the trip went and everything else that has been going on lately including our home improvements and my writing. See you all in a week!


Try something new.

Over the last month I have been doing a variety of projects around the house. Each project is in a way connected to another and that one connected to another. Now in doing these projects I have had to learn new things. The experience has been rewarding and frustrating at the same time. However now I can say that I know the proper way to patch drywall, I know the best way to sand it while creating as little dust as possible, and soon I will be painting those same walls and in time trimming them as well. It has been a good experience all around as it has pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to do things I had never done before. Yes it would have been so much easier just to hire someone to do it all for us but then I would still be clueless on how to do these things and our pocket books would have taken a huge hit as well. By doing it ourselves we learn new skills and, hopefully, save some money along the way.

So I got to thinking last night. Why not push myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to my writing as well? So far I only write Fantasy, it’s what I enjoy writing, but why not write something from another genre? I read other genres, though not as much as I read fantasy, yet have never tried to write in those areas either. Well now is the time to see if I can. Last night I put aside my notes for a Fantasy novel idea I was planning to write for NaNoWriMo and started to think on ideas of other genres. So far I haven’t had much in the way of ideas, but hopefully as I start to paint the walls tomorrow it will help me paint a picture to what I want to try and as the paint dries I can jot down a few ideas which will hopefully become the foundation to my non-fantasy NaNoWriMo novel.

Frisbee in the fog.

Last night was ultimate Frisbee night. Let me state one thing before I continue. I do not play Frisbee, I go to watch my husband play and keep and eye on our son so he doesn’t accidentally run out onto the play field and get clobbered. The day has been overcast but decently sunny up until mid afternoon. That was when the fog started to roll in. Well it wouldn’t be ultimate Frisbee if there wasn’t some sort of challenge to it. These are the guys who once played during a storm with the lightning hitting not far from the field. So completely undeterred by the rapidly deteriorating weather we pulled on some heavy sweaters, because it was bloody cold out, and headed out.

Warm up happened without a hitch even though the fog was still getting worse. Moving myself and the child away from the play field we started to play our own little game of frisbee while watching the big boys play. But soon enough he wanted to go to the park, which is actually conveniently placed at the end of the playing field around the corner of the building. So we walk over to the park and he has a great time on the slides and playing with a few truck that had been left behind by some other kid in the sand. All the while the fog kept getting worse. Finally I was cold enough, and it was getting close to the child’s bedtime that I stated it was time to go. We made it around the corner of the building towards the parking lot and looked out onto the field. There in the dense fog barely distinguishable were the 8 dark outlines of the frisbee players. Boy they really wouldn’t let anything interrupt their game. I really wish I had have had my camera with me, because it was hilarious trying to watch them play without losing sight of the frisbee or their teammates.

Bidding the husband farewell my son and I hopped into the truck and drove home. It was slow going with the fog but we made it back safe and sound. A quick snack, a bed time story and the child was off to bed. Finally I had some time to myself. I sat down with a notepad in front of the T.V. I realize watching T.V. and trying to write isn’t usually the best combination but that was what I was doing. Flipping on Extreme Couponing I starting jotting down various ideas and enjoyed watching people save insane amounts of money on their grocery shopping trips.

The show was just ended as my husband arrived home. The first thing he tells me is that as it got darker he took a frisbee in the lip. I’m sure in the next day or two the bruise will show up, the inside of his lip was cut and bruised already. Injuries like that are just a part of the game, especially when playing in the dark and fog. He had fun and that’s all that matters.

So we sat down together waiting for Camelot to come on and began discussing some home renovations that need to get done. I’ve spent the last few days patching the walls in the basement and our bedroom. Doing this has certainly cut into my writing time however it will be worth it when the job is finished. Plus with the threat of moving in the coming months we need to get it done as soon as possible. Perhaps threat isn’t the right word. Promise of moving. Yes that sounds better. The promise of moving has kicked all of these projects into top priority mode. I will hopefully have some pictures to post of the before, during and after phases of these projects in the coming weeks. As long as we have them done before November I will be happy since I will be devoting the majority of my time to NaNoWriMo then.

With the paint color decided upon, nothing special just neutral colors like beige we snuggled under a blanket and watched Camelot. The to do list for the next day circling my mind all the while.