Striken By Hunger

It finally happened. After weeks, no months, of resisting I finally broke down and read The Hunger Games trilogy. I had been so hesitant to read it, even with all the hype surrounding the books. The reason being I figured it would turn out to be another Twilight, where all that hype was over nothing. Granted I have never read Twilight, nor have I seen the movies, but my husband watched the movies a while back just to shut people up at work and whenever I’d glance over at the screen I saw nothing but crap. Sorry Twilight fans but that’s my opinion and nothing you can say will sway me to think otherwise. Anyways, I actually happened to have bought the Hunger Games books a little while back. I stumbled upon the trilogy for Kindle for a really good price, three books for the price of one is a good deal as far as I’m concerned, and while I wasn’t sure I’d ever read them I bought them anyways.

Well the weeks sailed by and finally I bit the bullet. Pulling out my Kindle I decided to see just what the hype was all about. Honestly I have expected something terrible. I flipped to the first page of the book and prepared myself to be thoroughly disappointed. Boy was I wrong! I couldn’t put it down! I gobbled up every word and spent hours clinging to my Kindle not wanting to stop until all three books were done. It took me a couple days to read the trilogy and when it was done I was still surprised at how much I enjoyed them. The thing is I have never liked books written in first person, yet these ones seemed to be perfect in that tense.

The big disappointment came when I watched the movie.

I know books to movies are never as good as they should be because things need to be cut out or changed in order to fit it into a reasonable length of time. But I found, in my opinion, that far too much was cut and what remained of the book was changed to the point where I was constantly saying to myself “No it didn’t happen that way.” or “Why did they change that?”. So while I gave the books two very big thumbs up I have to say the movie was just terrible. I will probably still watch the other two movies just because but now I know they will be badly butchered versions of the books so I will not expect anything to be as it was in the novel.

In other news, I’m still mostly eaten by Star Wars: The Old Republic. As if my lack of posting her wasn’t an indication of that. But I’m enjoying the game so that’s all that matters right? I’m also beta reading a novel that will hopefully be published sometime this year. This is actually a really exciting thing for me as I’ve never had such an opportunity placed before me previously. I can’t say much about it, but I can say this, I am thoroughly enjoying reading it at this point and hope that it can be in other peoples hands so they can enjoy it as well.

And now we will return to our regular posting schedule.

Oh wait.

I’ve never had a regular posting schedule before. Perhaps I should look into doing that. Yes, that would be a wise thing. Expect something to happen, hopefully, to that effect in the near future.