The perfect pen

We have all had one at some point. That special pen that seems like it was made for your hand and your hand only. The one that writes perfectly every time without fail and when it finally runs out of ink you mourn it’s loss quietly. Perhaps you still keep that pen around even though it has dried up some time ago, or you have since thrown it out having found the perfect replacement. I had such a pen, and though it ran out of ink a good four years ago I still love that pen. I had intended on many times to buy another one there were times when the store didn’t have one or I couldn’t find that particular kind. However this weekend I was fortunate enough to find it again, so I did the smart thing and bought a pack of them.

Now there is a story behind how I acquired the first pen. It was easily six years ago shortly after moving in with my husband, then fiance, that I first found myself in possession of such an amazing pen. Back then we both played World of Warcraft, perhaps a little too much but that is another story, and so I used to keep a multitude of notes regarding quests, loot, and everything else I needed to have at my fingertips.  So after my previous pen died out I grabbed a random pen off of his desk and began to jot something down. This was at the point when I was told the story of how he ended up with that pen.

He had been in Staples buying a few things and the lady at the counter mentioned that weeks special buy, which just happened to be this particular pen. This used to be a common thing at Staples however I have noticed recently that they either haven’t had these special deals or don’t bother to actually offer them to the customer and expect them to see it for themselves at the end of the counter. On a whim he agreed to buy one and took it home among his other purchases. He had only used it once or twice before I took if from his desk and in those few times he himself thought it to be a great pen. However in the end the pen became mine and I am so glad that I was able to have it. So from that point on I used that pen exclusively for any and all notes, though the majority of these are related to World of Warcraft.

So after about a year, almost two, of constant note keeping the pen began to lose it’s luster and eventually ran out of ink. I was sad, but knew there would be another pen at some point that would provide me with the same love that this pen had. I didn’t expect this to take so many years. After coming home from this shopping trip with a pack of these same pens my husband made the comment about how I was addicted to pens. I thought about it for a few moments and had to agree, but point out that my pen addiction is a good compliment to my other addiction and that is notebooks.

There is something about finding the perfect pen that compliments the perfect notebook. I like to think that it is like a well choreographed dance performed to the correct music. It is a picture of harmony. When that pen touch the paper of that notebook all is right with the world. However, have the wrong pen or notebook and it is as though those same dancers forget their moves or the music is all wrong. For years I have had that feeling, using any and every pen I have come across in hope they will prove themselves to be great. Boy I have been disappointed many times, however with the recent purchase of these pens I feel a new joy when writing in my notebook. The ink flows freely from my pen onto the paper and my ideas can live once more as they should be. I shall have to ensure to never run out again, replenishing my stock before the last pen runs dry.