Rants! In A Notebook

Allow me a moment to rant here. Now I realize that a lot of my posts so far have been some form of ranting or complaining, but isn’t it human nature to complain? We can’t go through life and never think ‘Darn today’s weather sucks’, ‘Look at that idiot driving while reading the newspaper’ or ‘Holy crap! They want almost four dollars for a loaf of bread!’. And those that say they never complain are clearly liars. Sorry people but I think that’s true.

Anyways, let’s get on with this. Firstly, I have terrible luck with vehicles. TERRIBLE luck. My first car was used when I got it, but served a newly licensed sixteen year old well for a while. My sister had it first and then it came to me when she moved out. It was fine for a while and then the problems started. The transmission went, the brakes went, the wiring went, I lost track of how many times the engine and other parts caught on fire. All in all it was a terrible vehicle. Though I missed the White Blur (that’s what it was nicknamed) when we got rid of it I was also glad to see it go. Let someone else deal with it’s problems.

Irony of it was, the car was totaled only three weeks after it was sold to a family friend. The guy was fine but the car was a lost cause. So the White Blur died her glorious death and I moved on to car number two.

Car two was, oddly enough, also previously owned by my sister. I know what you’re thinking, maybe it was my sister that gave me crappy cars. While that could be argued that yes that was the case, I really don’t think it was. I mean, the both cars were running fine when ownership was passed over to me. I kept up with regular oil changes and other needed works, yet the cars always seemed to have bad things happen to them. So car number two served me quite well for the first year, can’t recall any major problems with it at that point. But then I moved up North and the problems started piling up. The windows either didn’t roll down or they wouldn’t roll up correctly, the radio went, the truck leaked, the battery died and this was only the beginning.

The first winter up here the car died in the cold, all the boosts in the world couldn’t keep it running more than a day. So it was fated to sit dead in the driveway until spring came around and it could be towed to the shop. The shop would fix it, I would drive it for a few weeks then something else would go wrong. That would get fixed and then next thing you know winter was here again. Winter once again meant a dead car. This process repeated itself for four years. If it wasn’t for having access to my husbands truck some days I probably would have gone crazy.

So last summer we decided it was time to get rid of car number two. It was pushing thirteen years old and was having electrical problems that no shop could fix. All the diagnostics said there was nothing yet the car would never start. I would have settled for another used car, but my husband insisted on getting me a brand new. That way if anything went wrong it would be under warranty. We shopped around for a bit and I found the vehicle that was right for me. A nice little Chevrolet Colorada truck. I’ve always wanted a truck, so after two cars I had to have a truck this time. We bought the truck back in August and bid farewell to car number two.

The truck has been great. I was super fortunate to have a new vehicle. New generally means very few if not no problems. That was the case until about two weeks ago, when the truck wouldn’t start. We figured it was probably the cold that killed the battery. It certainly wouldn’t have been the first time the cold killed a battery up here and doubtful it will be the last. But boosting it did nothing.

The problem with having a vehicle that is under warranty is that it has to be taken to the dealership, or else the parts and labor done at any other shop aren’t covered by the warranty and in some cases will void the remainder of the warranty. So I called up my dealer, who is an hour away, and told them what was happening. They made an appointment for it and the tow truck was called. They said they would be out later that day. Mother nature was against that. It snowed, a lot. The highway was shut down for an entire day. There’s only one highway up here and no alternate route. So they had to delay getting it. Another day, and more snow fell. Day three, more snow. Day four, snowing like bloody crazy to the point they were in a white out. This is another reason I hate winter, you can’t get anything done. We are now sitting at day five of the tow truck waiting game. Will they come today? I hope so. Will it be delayed once more? Knowing my luck it will be.

Have you ever had bad experiences with vehicles? I think we likely all have, but some of us are worse off than others.