Winter Sports Are…Fun?

I am not much of a fan of winter these days. The cold, the snow and ice, the terrible driving conditions, it’s all quite unappealing. Yet when I was a kid I absolutely loved winter. Lots of snow meant the schools would be closed and I would get to stay home all day. I could built snowmen, snow forts, snow angels, have snow ball fights and I even enjoyed helping my dad shovel the driveway. I could spend hours outside in the freezing temperature and never realize or complain that I was cold. Certainly when I came inside and shed all those extra layers I would suddenly realize that I was near frozen and swear that I had frostbite over every inch of my body. But I none the less I loved winter.

Now the thought of having to bundle up just so that I can go spend thirty minutes scrapping off the windshield of my truck makes me shudder. The thought of stepping out into temperatures dipping as low as -35C makes me never want to leave my nice warm bed. The idea of driving on snow and ice covered roads along side people who just don’t understand that winter driving means you don’t still go 100km/h if terrifying. However the most disturbing thought, at least to me, is the idea of winter sports.

I understand the need for exercise and that winter limits the number of outdoor activities one can often do. Many sports just can’t be played during the winter months unless there happens to be an indoor version of it, an example would be indoor soccer. Yet most cease to exist until the snow melts away to reveal spring once more. So to me, the idea of going out skiing is certainly not on my priority list. Why put yourself through that? Sure, skiing is probably fun to some people, but I can think of much better ways to spend my time in the winter that traveling at high rates of speed down the side of a mountain. What happens if you fall? Well there will be tumbling and sliding and possibly crashing into trees. Whenever you do come to a stop you will be lying in, if not covered, in snow, with a probability of being injured.

Sledding is another winter sport, though more fun that actual sport. I used to go sledding as a kid and it was great, these days not so much. Sledding can have similar side effects as skiing. I have crashed while sledding before, and let me tell you, it was not fun. Having snow end up in places snow should never be just because you tumbled down and hill and ended up half buried under your sled, definitely not fun. Though to me the worst part of sledding is having to drag your sled back up to the top of the hill each time. Sure it’s not that bad the first time, but every trip after that it gets harder and harder until eventually your legs just won’t work anymore. Great way to tire out the kids, but that’s about it.

Curling, while played indoors and therefore could be played year round, is a winter sport. I have touched on curling in the past and explained my extreme dislike for the game. It’s slow, it’s boring and I really just don’t get it. I have had people try to explain it to me several times and it’s just one of those sports that I will never understand nor will I ever know why people enjoy playing it. Hey guys it’s freezing cold outside, why don’t we head on down to the curling rink for a few hours and slide a bunch of rocks down ice! Gee that sounds swell! No thanks, I would rather watch paint dry, literally.

There are other winter sports and activities out there but in the end they would all have similar reasons why I don’t understand how they are fun. For those of you who do participate and enjoy winter sports then I say bravo. However unless you have a horrific spill while skiing that ends up on YouTube then I will watch these sports, not will I participate in them. I, for one, will spend the duration of winter staying inside as often as possible and dreaming of the day when spring finally returns.