Versatile Blogger Award

A strange and wonderful happened a few days ago. What was it? Well my blog got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. First off I was shocked. Never in a million years did I think my blog would ever get that award. Hell normally well before this point I would have abandoned it for a number of reasons, yet somehow I managed to stick with this one and now I have been greatly rewarded for it. And before I forget about it, a big thanks to Whitney Carter for the nomination.

And now to pass on the award to a few blogs that I think deserve it. The rules say to pick 15 blogs but honestly I’m not sure I can find that many, so we will see what happens.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… – The pictures posted are always breathtaking, the stories written are beautiful and hilarious, and a blog about ranching is just too amazing to not award.

Kristen Lamb’s Blog – With a good dose of writing tips, a dash of humor and plenty of other things going for it this blog is a good read for just about everyone.

To All Those Rats We Loved Before – A small blog about a rat rescue operation in New Mexico. Shares stories about rats rescued and some tips for current and future rat owners.

Marcy Kennedy – Writing tips, helpful posts, tons of guest posts and an all around pleasure to read.

DeeScribewriting – Good advice from a childrens and YA author.

Honesty – A romance novel posted on a blog. Not normally a fan of romance however they did a great job of getting my attention and I look forward to the latest section to be posted.

Novel Journeys – Plenty of good book reviews that make book buying decisions a bit easier.

Rach Writes – The Platform-Building Campaign is a huge part of the reason I keep track of this blog. Lots of good guest posts and advice as well.

My Parents Are Crazier Than Yours – A hilarious read. The endless stories about how crazy her parents are keep my amused for hours

Okay so that’s not quite fifteen but it’s close! There are some other blogs I have seen in the recent past that I really liked but like an idiot I did not follow or bookmark them so I have no way of finding them now. Alright, on to the next part. Sharing a few things about myself.

  1. I hate winter. HATE winter.
  2. I am a highly skilled procrastinator.
  3. My fear of spiders is quite extreme.
  4. I spend far too many hours in front of the computer and on the net. It’s a sad, yet amusing addiction.
  5. Distractions come far too easily to me (took me two days to do this post due to distractions).
  6. I have bought more books than I will likely ever read and am always looking for more.
  7. I have officially, as of yesterday, reach level 50 in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Yes this is an important thing to know! Don’t look at me like that!