New Years, Net Issues And MMO’s

Things have been quiet here, too quiet. I’m partially to blame for that. The other reason is a plethora of internet connection issues that have been plaguing me for the past month. If I don’t wake up to no internet then it flickers in and out all day long. Sometimes it’s out for large chunks of times, others it’s just long enough to interrupt what I had been trying to do. On top of that my main computer was having some issues the other day. They have since been solved but it certain made December the month from hell technology wise. Here’s hoping that with the new year these issues will be a thing of the past and I can get back to my regular net schedule.

In other news not much has happened here. Sad but true. Part of living in the middle of no where I suppose. I have, however, been sucked into the virtual world of gaming since mid December. Star Wars: The Old Republic eats pretty much all of my free time, and some of my other time as well. It’s worth it. I am thoroughly enjoying the game and it has renewed my love of MMO’s. After half of a month I have managed to level two characters to the mid to high thirties. My Jedi Knight Sentinel is currently at level thirty five and my Trooper Commando is sitting at thirty seven, though she will likely be thirty eight by the end of the knight. I have also been dabbling in the dark side of things. My Sith Marauder has reached level ten and my Imperial Agent is sitting at a whopping level three, granted I did just make her so I haven’t had much of a chance to work on her leveling.

For the moment my concentration is on my Commando. The class is incredibly enjoyable to play and I have to say their story line is pretty interesting. Not saying that the Jedi Knight story line isn’t interesting, but the Commando certainly won me over. The big gun helped. My plan is to get here to level fifty first then slowly work on my Knight and other characters as well. I hope to have more updates in the future on what I am doing both in and out of game. Also, that guest post I mentioned I was doing should happen sometime this month so I will be sure to give an update when it goes live.


NaNoWriMo Update And Failing Word Count

Another Wednesday already. Some weeks seem to go by so much faster than others. This last week certainly flew by far too fast. Such is life. Anyways, being Wednesday this means it’s time for another update on my NaNoWriMo progress. However this time there isn’t much good news on my end. That cold start started to hit me last week knocked me down hard and fast over the weekend. I spent four days in bed attempting to cough up my lungs day and night. Let me tell you it was an extremely unpleasant experience. Needless to say because of this my word count took a bit of a dive. I could barley sit up in bed so working on my novel was pretty much out of the question. Though I was feeling better by Monday I still had a hard time concentrating on working that day, so I took that day off from writing as well.

So for the first time this month my word count fell below the goal line. I was mortified but knew I really didn’t have much control over what had happened. Last night I buckled down and managed to type out a bit more than four thousand words. I felt great! My word count was still behind a bit yet I was making solid progress on catching up. Gleefully I went to the NaNo site to update my word count only to find out the site was down. I waited and waited and then waited some more, but the site still wasn’t working. Sadly I was forced to go to bed before the site came back up so according to my stats I did no writing yesterday. I figure if I have another writing night tonight like I did last night I will be fully caught up with a bit extra. This is a good thing considering how the end of the month is creeping up fast.

However, there is going to be another distraction for me to contend with this weekend. What is this distraction? Well I got invited back for another week of beta testing for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Very excited about this. I had a blast playing it last time and can’t wait for it to start up again. This time I will be playing on the Empire side, checking out the Sith and Bounty Hunter classes. Of course this will thoroughly interrupt my writing again. I could have turned the beta down in favor of working on my novel, I probably should have in fact, but I didn’t. Why would I do this? Well I have exactly one reason. It’s Star Wars! I can’t say no to that. Besides last time I did beta I still managed to write two thousand words a day towards my novel during server down time and waiting in queue’s to log in. I’m expecting the same thing to happen this time around so I’m not too worried about getting my word count back up to where I want it to be.

In other news, I was asked yesterday to write a guest post on a blog. I was shocked. I didn’t think this kind of thing would ever happen to me. Not to mention it happened out of the blue. After asking about the details of what I would need to write I agreed to do this. The post will be about gaming, specifically about MMO games and comparing SW:TOR to WoW. Though it won’t happen until January I’m pretty excited about this and have already begun to jot down some ideas of what I want that post to say. When the time comes I will give you all a heads up so you can go and read it. For now, you’ll just have to sit back and wait just like I am doing.